Biggest Sports Betting Events

The brand-new and largest oil money business in this century is sports betting. When we say “big,” we really mean vastly big, just check TonyBet to join the rich wagon now! The estimated annual revenue for the global sports betting market ranges from $700 billion to $1 trillion. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular sports games worldwide: 

Super Bowl

The National Football League is king if we are talking about the online sports betting scene. The Super Bowl was the most popular betting event ever held during the past sporting year,s accounting for nearly half of all sports bets.

FIFA World cup

FIFA World cup

Football, otherwise known as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world. It is popularly known due to the fact that it generates the most revenue. According to estimates, soccer accounts for 70% of the world’s sports GDP annually!

This sports betting event takes place every four years and is the biggest competition in football. The World Cup offers a ton of betting opportunities despite having a one-month period.

210 nations initially take part in the qualifying rounds of the competition before competing in various rounds to reach the final 32. Every step of the way, gamblers from all over the world can place bets. In spite of official figures, it is estimated that more than $260 million will be bet during the entire tournament.

Grand National

The Grand National is Britain’s version of the world-famous horse-racing event, retaining only the horse-riding theme. It is famously known as one of the toughest horse races in the world, with two laps of a racetrack that is 4 miles, 514 yards long (6.907 km), 30 jumps, and other obstacles.

This sports betting event is mostly attended by members of the Royal Family and the elite. This event attracts more than 600 million viewers, making it the most popularly viewed TV event in the entire world.

Besides that, it outshines the Kentucky Derby betting totals. Lastly, about $400 million worth of wagers were reportedly placed on the 2017 Grand National.

March Madness

March Madness

For both sports fans and bettors, the NCAA tournament is one of the best moments. In one month, 68 teams compete against one another in seven single-elimination rounds in an effort to win the title of national champions.

According to data from the American Gaming Association (AGA), wagers on the 2018 NCAA men’s basketball tournament would total more than $10 billion. Only 3% of that total was most likely legally bet.

However, $300 million in total bets on one sporting event is insane given that only one state allows gambling!

Kentucky Derby

One of the most significant horse racing occasions in the United States and one of the longest-running sporting occasions globally is the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby main race alone attracted over $139.2 million in wagers, breaking the previous record of $137.9 million set in 2015. The Kentucky Derby was reported as having record-breaking wagering, with $209.2 million in bets over the 14-race card.

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