Strategy advice for beginners in soccer bets

If you are a beginner and just getting to know soccer, there are several things you should pay attention to:

Correct bankroll management: Although this term may seem very mystical now, when we say that you should distribute your available money correctly, you will surely feel what we are talking about. Many of the beginning players “scatter” their entire squad for one game at a time, but don’t put everything on one sheet! It is worth developing a concrete plan at the beginning of the year, and also every month, on the basis of which you will manage your resources. Decide how much you want to bet and don’t exceed it! You can find out more details by reading our article on bankroll management.

You can also use the 80/20 rule – i.e. the Pareto principle – when developing your betting strategy. It is a winning solution if you put 70-80% of your budget on matches with a more certain outcome (and the odds are smaller), while leaving 20-30% of your budget for higher-risk meetings.

Look it up! Most soccer fans are aware of the bigger, better-known teams, but of course no one can know all the soccer players in the world. When betting on a match in advance, or even when preparing for live betting, always take the time to acquire theoretical knowledge. There is life beyond Wikipedia: so you can find the information that will help you make the right decision in the columns of sports magazines and foreign online newspapers. Never guess blindly!

Avoid friendly matches!

Avoid friendly matches

The point is to be able to analyze statistics and make decisions completely without emotion. If you bet on neutral teams, it is much easier to make a factual decision. Betting on matches without stakes, such as friendlies, is not recommended. The teams usually do not take the result seriously enough. Rather, they focus only on the game, and on trying out the players and keeping them in training. The result is completely secondary, so often the result does not match the paper format.

It is also worth avoiding cup matches, because even there you can never know what kind of squad the teams will have and how seriously they will take the matches. In such cases, it may be worth using live betting so that you can assess the current balance of power. If you see that one of the teams does not bring what you expected in advance, then you do not have to bet.

Bet live!

Live betting is one of the biggest weapons of professional players. You can bet on a match in two ways: in advance and live. While in the first case, the bookmaker closes the game before the start of the match (and you can no longer do anything during the course of the match), in the case of a live bet, the start of the match is marked by the whistle that starts the match.

During the sports event, the bookmaker offers you the opportunity to place your bets on the various events of the given match. Not only the final result, but the half-time goals, the number of corners and chances, and even injuries play a role. The advantage of live betting is that you can constantly adjust your strategy in light of the evolution of the football match. And of course, this does not preclude you from betting on the given event in advance.

Bet on the champions!

Bet on the champions!

What we recommend when betting on football is betting on league matches. Here, the competition is relatively equal, and a team performs similarly over the course of a season. Of course, there can be swings, but league matches primarily give every team the basic rhythm of its performance. What you should pay attention to is what other series of competitions the better teams participate in. If, for example, Dortmund’s next Wednesday’s BL match is decided by advancing from the group, then the weekend match will be less important for them.

Because of this, it may happen, especially if they go away to a medium-strength team, that they will make fun of them and score points. This happens quite a lot, so it is worth taking into account the rounds before and after the football match.

If you follow the above and apply it consistently when choosing matches, you can create a working system for yourself. Of course, there are many other factors that can play a role, depending on exactly what you want to bet on. For example, if you want to specialize in draws, you should look for teams that score few goals and have balanced performances.

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